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Hello Kitty Started Out first As an Image For Greeting Cards and has Became Much More

Created on November 1st, 1974 by the Japanese company Sanrio, the cartoon character Hello Kitty has risen to a very high prominence around the world, especially in the United States. Hello Kitty's fictional "birthplace" is Suburban Cambridge where she lives with parents George and Mary Bell. She has a twin

The Hello Kitty Story and How Hello Kitty has become so Popular

hello kitty

Hello Kitty is the most famous character created by Japanese company Sanrio. It was born in Tokyo in 1974 to become a worldwide favorite very fast. In the beginning, Hello Kitty was to be called Kitty White, as one of the kittens described in Through the Looking-Glass. The name was chosen

What to Know about when Buying Hello Kitty Accessories

On the off chance that you have dropped into this page to peruse this article, you are likely officially mindful of the impact that Hello Kitty items have had on your minimal girl or high school young lady. They love the brand. There are a great many items accessible with

Hello Kitty takes over the whole World!

In the event that you've never listened, seen or worn "Hello Kitty," you may have been living in a hollow over the previous decade. Hello Kitty has turn into a universal mold and showcasing phenomena, traversing each landmass and softening deals records up retail chains far and wide. Be that